Apparently, Blood Type Can Determine Someone’s Personality, You know! This Explanation

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Maybe you’ve heard if someone’s blood type determines and is related to the person’s personality. For example, if blood type A has a calm personality, if blood type B has a high ambition personality and so on.

Actually this is not a new thing to hear because it has become a belief in Japan since 1930. It also affects the life of Japanese society in a complex way from daily life, work, to love affairs.

Although it has become a deep-rooted culture in Japan, but not a few who do not believe this. However recent research on this subject shows preliminary results that between blood type and personality of a person do have a relationship.

Personality of Blood Type A

Generally, people who have type A blood type are known as people who like to make plans and are organized. Specifically, blood type A people tend to have the following properties:

Quite critical and logical
Have good responsibilities
Always fixated on the plan and consistently live it
Calm to overcome problems and be patient
People who tend to be fair
Although it sounds good, there are also people who dislike people with blood type A because of their perfectionist and stubborn nature. This also includes his ego to take care of the problem alone.

In addition, blood type A rarely tells stories to anyone, or it is difficult to trust others. If, blood type A wants to confide in, he will choose the person he really entrusts to keep his secret.

Personality of Blood Type B

Blood type B is related to the nature of someone who tends to be active and more energetic. They tend to have the following properties:

  • Very excited
  • Quite active
  • Have high creativity
  • High Curiosity
  • Relax / not stick to the rules.
  • But unfortunately, blood type B likes to not follow the rules so he is not liked. This makes it difficult for them to be invited to cooperate and as they wish. This also applies to habits that are sometimes less responsible.

Personality of Blood Type O

Usually, blood type O tends to have a personality that is easy to blend in with the environment or easy going. The properties possessed are as follows:

  • Kind and generous
  • Want to be open with other people
  • Respect for others
  • Energetic and not boring
  • High confidence
  • But there is a negative side to this, namely because it is too adaptable, making it difficult to be principled and easily influenced by others. This person can also be considered difficult to focus and not fit to be a leader.