Best Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin, Hair, and Health

Did you know that in the ancient world, olive oil became popular as liquid gold? If you are a culinary specialist or addicted to cooking shows, you should know about olive oil. Many chefs today recommend its use. Did you know that this ingredient can be used to improve the health of your skin?

There is much more to olive oil than just a special kitchen ingredient. Is it to your liking? Well, because I have the health to share with you.

“The consumption and consumption of olive oil in the Mediterranean Sea is minimal.” The benefits of olive oil are many. Reduce Weight, low blood sugar, blood pressure, fight cancer, low cholesterol, and arthritis.

Here are some health benefits of olive oil that are supported our health.


Olive Oil Is Rich in Healthy Monounsaturated Fats


Olive oil is a natural oil extracted from the fruit of the olive tree. About 14% of the oil is saturated fat, while 11% is polyunsaturated omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

But the main fatty acid found in olive oil is monounsaturated fat known as oleic acid, which is 73% of the total oil. Studies show that oleic acid reduces inflammation and may even be useful in cancer-related genes. Monounsaturated fats are highly resistant to heat and the extra virgin olive oil makes it a healthy choice for cooking.

Olive Oil May Help Prevent Strokes


Arrhythmia is caused by a blood clot or bleeding that obstructs the flow of blood to your brain. In developed countries, heart attacks are the second most common cause of death.

The relationship between olive oil and gastrointestinal risk has been widely studied. Studies found that olive oil was the only source of monounsaturated fat, which was associated with a reduced risk of stroke and heart disease. In another review, those who consumed olive oil had a lower risk of stroke.

Improves Skin Health


The beauty comes, most of us swear by natural ingredients. We want bright skin. No matter how many creams are on your shelf, for a quick fix, we always resort to fruit pulp or vegetable juice extraction.

Olive oil contains Vitamin E, which improves skin health by treating inflammation and acne. It protects the skin from serious illnesses like skin rashes and skin cancer.

Improves Nail Health


If you have pale skin, doctors often check your nails. Dark, lifeless, brittle nails are just some of the problems we face. Did you know that olive oil can improve the health of nails? If you intend to showcase that modern nail art for your best friend’s wedding, you should first start taking care of your nails.

Olive oil contains Vitamin E and it can improve the  appearance of nails against the disease

Olive Oil Is Protective Against Heart Disease


Heart disease is the most common cause in the world. Observational studies done decades ago have found that heart disease is common in the Mediterranean.

Numerous studies have confirmed that it significantly reduces the risk of a number of heart diseases. Extra virgin olive oil is one of the main ingredients of this diet and it protects against heart disease.

It reduces inflammation, protects against “bad” LDL cholesterol oxidation, and improves your blood vessels and lungs.

Olive Oil May Reduce Diabetes Risk


Olive oil seems to be very protective against type 2 diabetes. Numerous studies have confirmed that olive oil has beneficial effects on controlling blood sugar and insulin levels.

The protective effects of olive oil were recently confirmed in a randomized clinical trial of 418 healthy people. This study found that a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by more than 40%.

Strengthens Bones


If you thought calcium only strengthens your bones. Here’s the news – olive oil can also strengthen your bones. In a study of men eating a Mediterranean diet, they found that olive oil can contribute to strong bones. They found high levels of osteocalcin in their blood, which is an indication of healthy bone formation.

Aids Weight Loss


The effectiveness of olive oil for weight loss has been supported by a study published in the Harvard School of Public Health. Weight loss (a moderate-fat Mediterranean diet and a low-fat diet with olive oil) was compared with two different diets. By the end of the study, only 20 percent of volunteers in the low-fat group were still following the diet.

Controls Cholesterol


Olive oils contain low levels of saturated and polyunsaturated fats. This property allows the body to control the cholesterol level in the blood. Olive oil contains the highest level of monounsaturated fat – about 75-80% – which is good for cholesterol and HDL in the body.

Olive Has Antibacterial Properties


Oil olive contains many nutrients that can prevent or kill harmful bacteria. One of these is the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. It resides in your stomach and causes stomach ulcers and stomach cancer.

Test tube studies have revealed that extra virgin olive oil fights eight of these bacterial strains, three of which are resistant to antibiotics. A human study found that 30 grams of extra olive oil a day could eliminate Helicobacter pylori infection in 10-40% of people within two weeks.