Even though Trying to get thin isn’t it good enough?

You’ll do a lot to get thin. But has this not resulted in any positive results? It really is because of the mistakes you make that you try to be thin. See if you have done these mistakes.

Not eating at night

Some people try to skip dinner and reduce obesity. But there are a few instances where this attempt goes wrong. One possibility is your mind. Your mind knows you’re not eating at night. So you tend to eat more during the day. And in the evening, when you have tea, you tend to eat something else (as a preparation for the nightly hunger).

And the next morning, you feel very hungry. In the morning you drink a glass of fat-filled milk and eat biscuits (before breakfast). So how do you get thin?

So don’t make the mistake of having a snack at night.

Addicted Milk

Many people in Sri Lanka are addicted to this milk. Everyone says milk is a good way to get calcium. But milk is not the only way you can get calcium. People who are obese can eat small fish instead of milk, and they can Consume canned fish to meet calcium requirements.

This is really an addiction. Drinking a cup of sugary milk every morning adds sugar and fat to your body. If you are accustomed to drinking non-sugary fruit drinks at least once a day instead of a glass of milk, it’s very valuable.

Eating bread instead of rice

Some people think that taking a few slices of bread is a light meal. So, in the morning or at night, I eat bread with butter and gravy. Starch in bread flour is high. Not only bread but any food, such as bread hoppers, loafers, breads, shortcakes, etc., are not good for anyone who dreams of being thin.

Excursions and festive occasions

When attending a special event, some people forget that they are dieters. A well-rounded dieter at home, he eats plenty of fat and starch. Then they eat all the desserts and add a lot of sugar to the body.

Manage the diet for about a week and end up with just one event.

Taste search

One of the biggest drawbacks of the current generation is addicted to flavor. No matter how you got advise to reduce your sugar intake, You drink tea with sugar. Similarly, there are those who drink tea with jaggery or dates instead of sugar. Today, many jaggery producers mix jaggery with sugar the goal of reducing their production costs. Excessive use of dates also makes you obese.

And nowadays, children refuse to eat homemade food, They eat flavored dishes in the shops. It is these habits that you cannot overcome obesity.

Giving up the effort

It’s not easy to lose weight, rather than getting fatter. While dieting, One day eating like the old days you become fatter again. Weight loss is a slow process. Some give up their efforts when they feel that there is no hope. It’s a crime.

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