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Habits That Damage Your Kidney Health

If you’re looking for kidney health, read this article.

As you all know, the main function of the kidneys is to filter blood and dispose of wastes, dead cells, and excess water as urine. According to experts, the type of fluids you consume can affect the nature of the fluids. That is why urine samples are commonly used for the diagnosis of kidney disease.

“Drink Drinking Water Every Day”

You’ve probably heard the saying. This is because dehydration impairs kidney function. It is believed that rehydration can restore the kidney’s full functioning. However, recent tests have shown that dehydration can cause chronic kidney disease (Chronic Kidney Disease).

Although water is necessary for the healthy functioning of the kidneys, soft drinks are not recommended as water sources. Fructose – Glucose Rich Soda Diet Soda is very harmful to the kidneys. A new study has confirmed that the use of soft drinks increases the risk of chronic kidney disease.

Now let’s see what habits you have that can be harmful to your kidneys.

1. Smoking

The use of cigarettes and other substances (such as smokeless tobacco) impairs the functioning of the kidneys.

2. Overuse of drugs

This is something you should especially remember. OTG drugs (such as aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen) are directly harmful to the kidneys.

3. Exercise

Excessive exercise can also lead to kidney problems. Therefore, exercise should be done according to the required medical advice.

4. Poor Sleep

Tests have shown that people who sleep less than six hours and those who sleep more than 10 hours have excessive urination. Renal hyperfiltration is a risk factor for renal failure.

5. Excess Protein Renal hyperfiltration can also be caused by eating too much protein. Frequent meals, especially meat.

6. Too much sugar

This can have the same adverse effect. Therefore, you should not use too much chocolate and sweets.

The key to a healthy lifestyle is not to overdo anything.

Myths associated with kidney disease

Two myths about alcohol and coffee and kidney disease have been proven to be false. According to research conducted in 2015, slight alcohol use does not increase the risk of chronic kidney disease, and a study in 2017 found that coffee and chronic kidney disease were not linked.

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