Here’s what happens to those who don’t drink water well

Drink a glass of water before a morning cup of tea …!

When you wake up in the morning, wash your mouth with a glass of water and drink a second glass of water. Most people wash their mouths and then drink a glass of tea or milk. Others drink a cup of tea without washing the mouth.

When we wake up in the morning, our mouths are a little foul. That’s the truth. Because the food we ate the night before had been fermented (digested), and the odor of the badly digested digestive system was out of our mouths.

You know from experience that odor (smell) is blown away from unopened food containers after dinner. Do you see the similarities between the two events?

In the morning, as soon as you drink a glass of water, the internal food pathway is washed away, and the food passes through the stomach into the stomach. Along with this, the stench that has emanated from the mouth has stopped. If the odor persists, the cause may be Food in the broken tooth cavities food fermented.

With the help of a dentist, you can avoid this problem by filling the cavity. It is best to drink a glass of water in the morning and brush your teeth before drinking a cup of tea.

This is how water is important

Prevents Bone Disease

Generally, as we get older, more and more bone diseases cause us problems.
This risk is higher for men than for women. Drinking milk, such as calcium, can reduce this risk somewhat. But at least one elderly person should drink at least half a liter of water a day. It is better to boil water. Dehydration can lead to dehydration and a host of other diseases.

It protects moisture in the skin

Water is not only necessary for the internal functioning of the body. Water is essential for the health of the skin, nails, and hair. Without drink water daily properly, No matter how high-priced cosmetics are applied to the skin, it is useless.

Drink at least four to five liters of water a day to minimize wrinkling. Drink clean water to help keep the skin glowing and prevent nails from fading. Although the highest quality cosmetics are applied to the skin without the internal nutrition of the body it doesn’t make benefits

Reduces body temperature

Most women’s bodies are very hot. Even the wombs of hot women are too hot. This condition prevents the baby from getting pregnant and can lead to miscarriage. Drinking well and keeping your body cool can mitigate this risk. It is important to note that most people who drink warm water drink a little more water and take a bath daily.

Reduces the risk of non-communicable diseases

Proper water intake is essential if you are to overcome high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. Diabetic patients urinate more times per day compared to others. This leaves a little more water. Therefore, diabetic patients should drink more water.

The absence of water can cause problems with hormone production and function.

Adolescents undergo major changes both internally and externally. To control stress, one needs to drink a little more water to make these activities work. It can enhance the growth, appearance, and beauty of a young body. If water intake is reduced during this period, stress can worsen.

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