Holiday Season Calling, These Tips For Staying Productive in the Office

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The year-end holiday is already calling. Surely your mind has flown to imagine the thrill of a vacation somewhere. Ah, but it’s still a few days left. In fact, you still have to be in front of the computer, finishing the deadline stack of work.

Do not be sad. It’s also a good idea to complete your work one by one so that the year-end vacation is not interrupted. That way, time will run quickly and the time will come for you to enjoy a long holiday with calm and calm.

It is undeniable to work in the holiday season is indeed hard. It’s just so lazy, especially the shadows of pleasure are in sight. Look out, this can affect your performance. Instead of imagining a vacation can channel positive energy to work, but instead make your concentration down and productivity down.

1. Make a small note

Imagining vacation plans that you have prepared, it’s fine. But try not to interfere with performance in the office. You can maintain productivity by keeping a small log of your to-do list every day.

Start with important work or deadlines. Stick the little note on your desk, computer or calendar so that it will always remind you to finish work on that day. So all your work is not missed or forgotten.

2. Stay focused on work

After compiling a to-do list, keep in mind to focus, focus, and focus. If the image of a holiday comes to mind, ignore it. Look again at the small notes on the list of jobs to be completed and return to work concentration. Occasionally you can listen to your favorite music to inspire enthusiasm.

3. Avoid “stealing” working hours

Avoid to “steal” your work hours for any reason, including to arrange or find information related to a vacation that has been prepared. Besides reducing productivity, it will also make you look unprofessional.

4. Limit the use of social media

This is difficult, open a cellphone and surf social media (social media). If one day doesn’t play social media, it feels dead in style. Usually when it’s done, can’t stop and finally forget the job.

So that you stay productive while working, limit the use of social media while in the office. You can open a social media account between breaks or at home after returning from work.

5. Forget about a moment of work and enjoy the weekend

Long holidays still count days, but there are still Saturday-Sunday weekends for you to take a break from work. If there are no assignments that are due on Monday or you have finished work every day so there is no more work debt, you can use the weekend to relax.

Relaxing at home or going out with family and friends or doing hobbies will refresh your mind after struggling with office tasks. That way, you will be excited to go through the following days to complete the task before the long vacation arrives.

6. Arrange the Next Vacation Plan

Once satisfied to enjoy a long vacation, you should be able to move on. Back to work with new targets. To be more excited, you can plan your next vacation again. Arrange starting from where you want to vacation, itinerary, hunting plane tickets and hotels well in advance. Apart from being motivated, planning a vacation in the beginning will not interfere with your productivity.

Holiday is a panacea relieving fatigue
Holidays are indeed the right moment to rest and rediscover the spirit, and positive energy in you. Plan and prepare a vacation carefully. It is also important that there is no ticket, take advantage of attractive credit card promos for traveling.

Don’t forget to submit travel insurance so that your vacation is calm and safe. Also make sure you stay productive and complete all office tasks before the holidays, so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest without carrying out work.