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How To Protect Your Eyes Before You Get Sick

When it comes to health, we focus on a lot of things. We see many people working hard to get to the gym, through other exercises and to stay fit. On the other hand, so is the interest in food and the thought of sleep and rest. But we are not thinking about eye health. It is not a lie that most of us do not think about it unless there is a problem with the eyes.

We think that as we get older, our eyesight will also gradually diminish. But we can say that it is partially true on the one hand. Whoever of us wants to keep our eyes open for as long as possible. If that is the case, ophthalmologists believe that it is not enough to deliver your eyes on time.

They say that a good eating pattern that causes eye health can keep your eyes looking long and healthy. It may reduce the risk of eye problems. Some eye complications, which we consider to be very serious, can be avoided by obtaining adequate amounts of nutrients and minerals. There are many preventable eye diseases that can be managed through a good and orderly diet. It is one of the cataracts.

Our focus in this regard should be on antioxidants. It is also worth understanding what the first antioxidant is. We know that oxygen reacts with live cells.

apple oxidation

For example, we don’t cut apples that early. After they have been cut, they turn brown. It’s the result of the interaction between oxygen and cells. This kind of oxidative activity also occurs in our bodies. Although it is a natural condition, about two percent of the cells are damaged by free radicals. These are unstable and it is normal to strive to be stable. They are stabilized by invading healthy cells. Mutations in healthy cells may then lead to various disease complications. So what these antioxidants are doing is trying to minimize the harmful effects of these bacteria. The same can be seen in the case of eye health and the need for antioxidants.

We have identified some antioxidants that affect eye health. Lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamins A, C, E beta-carotene, omega-3, and zinc are significant antioxidant and antioxidant vitamins.

What we usually consider a balanced diet is a diet that contains all the nutrients the body needs. One of the things we often talk about is the importance of a colorful plate of food. That is the importance of incorporating different colors into our diet.

Foods that affect the health of the eyes are also not particularly noticeable. Most of us may already be late for this identification. But it is our responsibility to guide that for future generations. We must realize that incorporating them into your diet as much as possible will have a positive impact on the next generation of eye health.

Fish has been identified as one of the major dietary supplements for eye health.Especially salmon fish is considered good for the eyes. Salmon, as well as other fish that have omega-3s, are special in this task. The omega-3 effect is most needed for the development of the eye retina. On the other hand, many western doctors say that fish in the natural environment are more nutritious than breeds. A country like ours (Sri Lanka), which has a sea around it.

The next food item is the controversial egg, Eggs contain egg yolk, lutein, vitamin A, zinc, and zinc, all of which are very important to eye health. Vitamin A is the protector of the white section of the eye. Zinc is important for the health of Retina. Zinc also helps prevent night vision loss.

Dairy-based foods such as milk and yogurt are also considered very important for eye health. It contains vitamin A and mineral zinc. Vitamin A helps keep white greens healthy and zinc helps to bring the vitamins needed from the liver. At the same time, this important mineral helps reduce the risk of night vision loss. Therefore, it is also a matter of concern for both eyes to encourage your body to add dairy products to your body almost daily.

carrots for eye health

Carrots are rich in vitamins and beta-carotene. Vitamin A is present in egg yolk and carrots. Beta carotene helps maintain eye health and reduces the risk of various eye diseases. Cabbage (kale) is a nutrient that affects eye health, even if we don’t think so. It is considered a superfood in this regard. Oranges and citrus fruits are also a major contributor to eye health, as they are rich in vitamin C.

You can’t do all this with food alone. It is essential that your eye doctor is examined once or twice a year. It would be great if you could wear sunglass while walking under the intense sunlight. Quitting smoking is also a direct effect on eye health. In sports and at work, proper eye protection is not a rule. It’s for your own good. Eye health is also important in understanding blood sugar levels.

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