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Important Things You Need To Know About The Food You Eat

One of the greatest risks in your life is how to deal with the health problems you will face in the future. It is impossible to say for sure whether children will be treated by us now. But the most important thing you have to do to get rid of this unfortunate condition is to avoid poisoning. This is not a task that costs hundreds of thousands. However, our awareness of this is very low and due to the high proportion of business propaganda carried out by the business community, we are unable to get rid of it. This article is about the foods we should give up. Keep in mind that that in itself causes you to get rid of 50 percent of all illnesses in your body.

Agriculture Insecticide

A knowledgeable farmer usually prepares the soil before planting a crop. First, the trees are cut down to prepare the soil, and the piles are placed in the ground. What did the farmer struggle with by setting a fire? Burned because there was no place to throw? The end of the burning trees is white ash. The ashes are left unharmed because they are not corrosive. White ash spreads over the entire land and begins cultivation thereafter. There are 90 nutrients that need to be eaten daily for a living. They are,

  • Mineral 60
  • Vitamin 16
  • Amino Acid 12
  • Fatty acid & 2 ( Omega 3/6 )

It is very clear that 2/3 of these are mineral. None of these minerals can be produced in our bodies. All should be made from soil. Minerals are available to us because they are absorbed from the growing plants of the earth and deposited in the fruits, leaves, and stems and roots. They are deposited in order to keep the next generation of plants healthy. Man uses these foods as food to keep his body healthy. Thus, man lives healthy.

As the human population grows, mankind has begun to add the word “productivity” to crops. He used a number of strategies to increase the number of crops grown on his land.

Steps were taken to first weed the plants with herbicides. Although herbicides can kill weeds, no bacteria are available on the ground now to digest them. It took a while for the weeds to die. But even before that, the bacteria and earthworms that had previously been causing the mineralized digestion process on our soil were killed. Now the fertility of the soil was gone. An unknown farmer planted crops on the ground. The crops that are occurring are no longer attracting minerals. Because of this, the plant has lost the strength it needs to compete with its enemies and carry out its natural processes of disease and pests. This is a great opportunity for insects.

This was an ideal time for humans to get their food from the crops that they eat, so insects fell into crops and sought their own food. The plant has become helpless due to the loss of the natural immune system. The farmer will now have more trouble. They need to protect their crops from insects. This situation was another source of income for the West Trade Authority to produce pesticides. The remaining bacteria on the earth became extinct due to pesticides. As a result, the mineral content of the crops was very low. The taste of it was getting worse. Since there is no fertilizer on the ground, artificial fertilizer was supplied from the outside. Thus, artificially produced foods have come to our table. We also have no choice but to get those foods to quench hunger.

Due to the shortage of minerals, the taste of the food was lost. This threatened the food market. This has added to the flavor of the food. They were also taught to drink other flavors with food. It was also another source of income for the business community. Sugar was used to flavor the food. The world’s consumption of sugar has increased by 800% over the past 50 years. Westerners who claim that diabetes is incurable are estimated to receive $ 47 billion in revenues by 2020. Now consider what world you are stepping into. Now is the time to swim to the top

Eating foods without minerals man has led to many illnesses. This is another great market for the western world. Medicines are the second-largest market in the world today. Somehow a way of making money was created. There is a saying amongst us that a sick woman should get married and buy an old lorry. Regardless of how sick the old lorry is, it is our custom to make some money. Another example is no matter how sick his wife is, spending the last bit of money on treating. Pesticide companies first destroyed the natural ability to heal our bodies. Then After that, need to take outside medicine for sickness. However, those companies that have made a huge market for selling too soon overwhelmed us. Humans now have to live with medicine where there is nothing they can do.

We are talking about the nutrient deficiency in the crops we eat and the reasons for it. The next thing we will talk about is another disaster that has plagued us.

  • Wheat
  • Oats
  • Barley

Of these varieties, wheat has the most impact on us. Avoiding foods made from wheat flour can save you from many ailments. You can do this with a little research. Stop adding wheat flour to your diet for about 15 days. On the 16th, eat bread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can see for yourself how abdominal pain is. Therefore, keep in mind that it is a good practice to avoid wheat flour for the rest of your life.

Use of oxidized oil

When it comes to oil, we often think of cholesterol and heart disease. Are these diseases actually caused by eating oily foods? It is important to determine whether these conditions affect oil or some other condition in the oil.

As soon as an element is exposed to air, the oxygen in the atmosphere tries to pick up an electron if there is any weakness in the outermost energies of that exposed element. If so, the oxygen of the corresponding element is stabilized in terms of oxygen. Take a piece of iron, for example. The oxidation process begins immediately after exposure to air. After a while, we see that the whole iron is rusting. Iron rust is ferrous oxide. There are also catalysts that accelerate this oxidation process. Acids and onions are the most common of these. The iron on the sea is rusty. You know that much. That’s because the atmosphere contains salt. You can see that if you put a few coconut oil in a piece of iron, it will speed up rust. This is because of the acidity of the coconut oil.

If you cut an apple or eggplant and put it in the air for a while, you will notice that the color changes. This is because the oxide is formed on the respective food. When we eat these foods, it automatically removes the discoloration. But if we do not see this oxidation, we eat the same food with oxidation.

Why is an oxidized diet unhealthy? Anything we eat breaks down into small substances in the high concentrations of acid in the digestive system. This can break down the aforementioned oxides. If that breaks, the oxygen atom is left alone. This causes him to stabilize an electron from a nearby location. In this case, the attacked atom becomes unstable. The atom now functions as a positive ion. The positive ion is stripped of an atom from elsewhere to stabilize. This positive ion is called a free fraction. This causes the body to suffer a great deal of trouble as a result of its oxidation. These free radicals are extremely dangerous if they attack sensitive organs such as the brain and heart. This condition can cause severe disorders such as heart attack, stroke, and cancer.

To avoid this, we must avoid eating oxidized foods. When the oil is exposed to air, it naturally oxidizes. It is this oxidized oil that we use for cooking that causes the above-mentioned fragments to form in the body. This condition does not occur if the oil is eaten before being oxidized. If our mothers wanted to put some curry oil on it, they would add a little milk to the jar and heat it until it was oil. It does not have time to bind its oxides, but it is very small.

According to research done so far, the fat in coconut oil is not harmful to the body. But we are not talking about fat, but the bad effects of oxidation to man. This is most likely to be managed if you can extract and consume coconut oil daily in an oxygen-free environment and pack or bottle it at the same time. Or if you introduce a daily coconut oil production system in your home, this is the way to minimize this.

In addition, we can provide antioxidants to the body. We must eat foods rich in antioxidants. A minimum of 20,000 antioxidants and a maximum dose of 100,000 should be given daily to the body. According to this table, cinnamon has the highest levels of antioxidants. There are about 26,500 ORAC POINT in 10 grams of cinnamon powder. Thus, eating a few cinnamon powder daily will help you avoid the dangerous diseases we mentioned above.

Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity ( ORAC )

ORAC Value list 1-20

In addition, we can provide antioxidants to the body. We must eat foods rich in antioxidants. A minimum of 20,000 antioxidants and a maximum dose of 100,000 should be given daily. According to this table, cloves and cinnamon have the highest levels of antioxidants. There are about 26,500 ORAC POINT in 10 grams of cinnamon powder. Thus, eating a few cinnamon powder daily will help you avoid the dangerous diseases we mentioned above.

We need to take antioxidants daily to get rid of the above mentioned free radicals. These are often interpreted as bad habits. However, in the end, it is bad. Therefore it is advisable that you abstain from these habits and habits in order to be healthy.

  • Smoking
  • Drinking and other drug use
  • Consumption of agrochemicals and pesticides
  • Consumption of foods with gluten-free substances
  • Acrylamide Generated Food Consumption
  • Joining Nitrate to the Foods
  • Consumption of artificial food
  • Use of artificial beverages
  • Pollutant gas inhalation

These factors can cause the cells in your body to oxidize and damage the DNA in the cell and that can be causes cancer.

An Acrylamide

Acrylamide foods

Acrylamide is another carcinogen. Acrylamide is naturally present in animal and plant foods and is inactive. But at very high temperatures this acrylamide becomes active. This chemical affects free radicals as well as cells in the body and DNA.

Acrylamide changes in these poisons cause some mutations in body cell regeneration. This condition is referred to as cancer. Our body’s immune system is able to activate a certain amount of acrylamide, but the body’s immune system is helpless as it is constantly ingested.

Acrylamide has a high percentage of deep-fried meats and potatoes that we eat. The other type is a barbecue. Both are foods that contain very high levels of acrylamide. People who eat these foods daily have a high risk of cancer.

The same is true of the barbecue. The meat, which directly collides with fire, is heated to a very high temperature. As a result, a large amount of acrylamide is released. This is about 800% above normal. This is why you should stop eating barbecue today.

Acrylamide does not contain any food boiled in water or steam. This is because acrylamide is not activated at 100 degrees.

Finally, understand all of the above and get your diet under proper nutritional management.

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