Investment Manager Duties

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The investment manager is the party in charge of managing the entire investment fund placed in a mutual fund. They will carry out various transactions related to mutual funds.

Investment manager business activities, including:

Manage clients’ securities (securities) portfolios based on fund management agreements, both bilateral and individual, prepared in accordance with capital market supervisory regulations
Management of collective investment portfolios for the benefit of a group of customers through product containers regulated in capital market supervisory regulations. Including mutual funds
Other activities that comply with the provisions of the capital market supervisor.

Free Transaction

If you buy or sell mutual funds online, the investor will not be charged anything. Because all transactions relating to mutual funds are free.

NAV Becomes a Benchmark for Mutual Funds

Investment fund investment results will be assessed based on Net Asset Value (NAV). NAV per unit is the price of the portfolio which has been reduced by operating costs and divided by the number of investment units owned by the investor at that time.

Example: You buy an “A” mutual fund at a NAV of Rp1,200. To buy 1,000 UP, a fund of Rp1,200,000 (plus commission / fee) will be needed.

If at the end of the year you want to withdraw the mutual fund with NAV for Rp1,600, your profit will be Rp400,000 (less commission / fee).
If it turns out the NAV is Rp1,100, your loss is 100,000 (plus commission / fee).

There are 4 (four) types of Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are divided into 4 (four) types, namely:

Money market funds
Fixed income mutual funds
Equity fund
Mixed mutual funds

Investment Fund Risk
Some of the risks contained in mutual funds, including:

There is no guarantee of profit.
General risks that occur in the capital market.
Risk of effects that may occur due to company performance or other things.
Liquidity risk that might reduce the investment value.
Risks to inflation.
Risk of non-compliance, related to various rules and regulations in mutual funds.
Risk to the performance of investment managers who handle mutual funds.

Legal Investment Mutual Funds
Mutual funds are a legal investment product so it is not against the law to own them. However, with the rise of fraud cases, it is better to always be careful and careful when investing in this instrument.