Jokowi Inaugurates 9 Wantimpres 2019-2024, This Is His Job!

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After inaugurating the Advanced Indonesian Cabinet and announcing the Special Staff of the Presidency, Jokowi now officially appoints nine people who fill positions as members of the Presidential Advisory Council or Wantimpres for the period 2019 – 2024. The inauguration was held on December 13, 2019 at the State Palace, Jakarta.

The appointment of the nine members of the Wantimpres is not of origin, but is based on Presidential Decree (Keppres) No 137 / P / 2019 concerning Appointment in Membership of the Presidential Advisory Council.

As quoted from, the considerations made by Jokowi before the decision of the nine wantimpres were formalized, namely looking at the track record of the candidates, capabilities and integrity. In addition, the selection of this presidential candidate is also based on the experience of each of the chosen figures.

Of the nine people, in addition to an old person alias re-appointed by Jokowi, there are also new people. Then, who are they and what are the tasks that must be carried out as members of the Presidential Conference? So as not to be curious, consider the following review.

Members of the Wantimpres 2019-2024
Quoted from the page, here are the nine members of the 2019-2024 period wantimpres who came from various groups ranging from politicians, businessmen to scholars and brief career reviews summarized from various sources:

Wiranto (ex Menko Polhukam)
Aside from being glorious in the military, Wiranto’s journey as a politician is also not in doubt. Therefore, Jokowi immediately appointed Wiranto as chairman of the 2019-2024 presidential conference

Sidharto Danusubroto (PDIP)
For more than 15 years, Sidharto has been in parliament.

Arifin Panigoro (businessman)
The founder of a company engaged in integrated energy, Mera Epsi Indigenous Drilling Company (Medco).

Agung Laksono (Golkar)
Besides having served as General Chair of the Golkar Party’s Young Generation, Agung has also served as Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare.

Putri Kuswisnu Wardani (businessman)
A businessman who has a high position as President Director and CEO of PT. Mustika Ratu since 2011 and also the leader of the Putri Indonesia Foundation.

Dato Sri Tahir (businessman),
The owner of Mayapada Group, which has several subsidiaries ranging from banking, print media, paid TV, property, hospitals and chain stores to tax free.

M. Mardiono (PPP / entrepreneur)
Not only as a politician who has a position as deputy chairman of the United Development Party (PPP), he is also known as a logistics businessman who is under the auspices of PT. Buana Cetra Swakarsa (BCS).

Habib Lutfi bin Yahya (Ulama)
Known as a cleric figure who until now has founded thousands of schools and mosques in Indonesia.

Soekarwo (former Governor of East Java)
The former Governor of East Java was able to increase economic growth in his region during his two term tenure.