manage the freezer

Learn these 8 tips to manage the freezer

In the past, there was rarely a home refrigerator. Our older generation was familiar with various ways to preserve other things in the kitchen, such as Gugulethu for drinking cold water. Also, the meat that was needed on a daily basis, which was purchased on the same day, however, vegetables get from the garden.

Now the situation is completely different. Every home has a fridge. With a busy lifestyle, many people have become accustomed to store cooked vegetables and fish in the fridge for a few days and eat it. But most people pay little attention to the fridge for this much work. We often see unused refrigerated refrigerators that are out of order. Now we’re going to tell you how to organize a home fridge. An orderly fridge will save you time and will also affect your electricity bill, so taking some time to get rid of it is not an advantage but a loss.

1. Easy to clean

The fridge is not only using your mother. Children always open the fridge to drink water. Something inside the jars will fall apart. From time to time you have to spend time cleaning and washing the deck. Otherwise, if you have cling wrap or plastic mats on all the layers, that’s all you have to remove.

2. Get some plastic jars

If you are always stocking the fish in the fridge, keep some plastic boxes with lids. Rectangular boxes, such as ice cream boxes that can be stacked on top of one another, have more space. It is best to put any liquid (such as soup) in the fridge and put it into a box like this. Not only does it retain the aroma of the gravy inside the fridge, it preserves the freshness of the food you preserve, but also saves your electricity bill.

3. To freeze the meat fish

Many homes offer a glass of water or drink with an ice cube and it smells of fish. The reason for this is the lack of proper packing of meat and fish. Bring the meat or fish home and set aside for one serving. Pack them in plastic boxes or thick plastic bags. Label if needed. You don’t need to put all the meat out of the ice and put it back in the freezer, and the meat inside the freezer doesn’t smell fishy.

4. Clean it once a week

There are weeks in the fridge that you have to throw away in a day or two just because you think you need to put in the fridge. This will hard to find free space in the fridge. It is difficult to make room for anything. Also, in Sri Lanka, it is not difficult to find things that have been obsolete due to frequent use and forgotten. So make sure to take the time to remove the unnecessary items from the fridge once a week. Keeping things old-fashioned doesn’t work. Get rid of those things.

5. Packaging of goods

  • Let’s start with the door. On top of the fridge door is an egg-packed space. However, if you want to keep your eggs fresh, you should find the egg packaging on the inside of the fridge right next to the door. This is because the temperature in the door is not uniform. Fresh milk or other dairy packs can’t be kept fresh for a long time.
  • Don’t pack fruits and vegetables together. Pack the fruit separately and pack the vegetables on the bottom floor of the fridge on the second floor and the vegetables in a separate bucket.
  • Make space between the packs. Filling the refrigerator with enough room to keep it cool may not serve the purpose of using a fridge. This is the reason why food is spoiled fast.
  • Place the food that needs to end quickly in the refrigerator in a visible place. Forgetting can lead to wastage of food and unnecessary space in the fridge.
  • Pack the sauce into the door of the fridge. Pack water bottles and drinks at the door.

6. Have a fresh scent

Keep it clean, but sometimes the fridge smells bad. To get rid of that odor and smell fresh, put a baking soda or coffee powder into the tray and put it in the fridge. It fills the fridge with freshness, eliminating unnecessary odors.

7. Put these things in the fridge

As well as managing the fridge, here’s what’s important to you. What we don’t put in the fridge, but things to put on. You might be surprised at this.


Candles wrapped in polythene or foil are kept in the fridge for a long-time lighting.

Wheat flour

Our housewives know that wheat flour is more likely to rot when the expiration date does not come close. Keep the airtight bagel chain flour in the fridge so it doesn’t air. Most of the time the flour stays fresh.

Nail polish

“If we put it in the fridge, it would be a stone,” right? Nail polish stones become sunlight and heat. Put the nail polish in the fridge. It can use more time.


Keep almonds, peanuts, and cashews in airtight bottles and keep them in the refrigerator. You can keep it for 3 months at normal room temperature and you can keep it for 6 months in the fridge.


In a hot country like Sri Lanka, keep the cream in the fridge. It gives you relief. Not only does it give you a smoothie without the creaminess of the heat, but a warm cream can help you get some relief from the heat.

8. Don’t put these in the fridge

Here’s how to say no to stuff. Look how many of these are in your fridge.


Some people put the banana in the fridge because the bananas get blacked out so quickly. But it may damage the nutrients of the banana and delay the ripening of half-ripened bananas.


Some people potatoes are stored in the fridge along with other vegetables. This is not appropriate. Exposure to cold can cause the starch of the tubers to quickly turn into glucose. It’s not healthy.


Don’t put the tomatoes in the fridge because the flavor of the tomato can change. Keep the tomatoes in the refrigerator at room temperature if you want the tomato flavor.


Honey is, in any case, naturally durable. Putting the fridge in place will make the honey getting stone dense because of its high glucose value. So don’t put honey in the fridge.

Some fruits

Just like a banana, apple, mango, peach, kiwi, and watermelon can be harmed by putting it in the fridge. It is okay to put in the fridge to use a sliced portion a day later. But keep it well covered.

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