Mutual Funds Are Under OJK Supervision

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In accordance with applicable law, all parties involved in mutual fund sale and purchase transactions must obtain permission from the Financial Services Authority (OJK). This agency is also authorized to conduct surveillance activities on these investments.

FCC as a Means for Complaints of Mutual Funds

The launch of the Financial Consumer Care (FCC) by OJK enables investors or the wider community to make complaints about various fraudulent actions and other problems in their investments. This certainly applies also if someone feels cheated in investing in mutual funds.

How to Communicate Directly with OJK

OJK can be contacted through the call center on the telephone service (Area Code) 1500 655. If you want to communicate online, it can be done via email to or through You can also by fax (021) 3866032.

Apart from these methods, complaints can also be sent by mail to the address of Menara Radius Prawiro Lantai 2 Bank Indonesia Office Complex, Jalan M.H. Thamrin No. 2 Jakarta, addressed to Members of the OJK Board of Commissioners for Consumer Education and Protection.

Dispute Resolution Requirements

Disputes that can be submitted to the FSA are those worth <Rp.500 million in several fields, including banking, capital markets, pension funds, life insurance, financing, pawnbrokers, or guarantees. While specifically for the general insurance field, the value must be <Rp. 750 million.

How to Start Mutual Fund Investment

To start investing in mutual funds, you can start by accessing mutual fund investment facilities online. There, buying and selling investment activities can be done easily and for free. In addition, you can also buy mutual funds at banks that have sold mutual funds.

Determine Investment Objectives, Understand Mutual Funds Well

Before you invest, it’s good you know in advance what your investment objectives. Ask yourself what your financial goals are and how you can use mutual fund investment products to achieve your goals.

Once you understand, then you determine which mutual fund products are suitable and in accordance with your goals. For example, mutual funds for long, medium or short term investment objectives. All of that is the key so that you can get maximum benefit. Happy investment!