Mutual Funds Can Be Purchased Anytime

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Besides being affordable, mutual fund investment is also increasingly easy. It doesn’t have to be bought routinely like other investments. Mutual funds can be bought at any time, for example when you have an additional fortune, then you want to invest in mutual funds, you can choose an appropriate mutual fund, and the price is affordable starting from IDR 10,000.

Not Guaranteed LPS

As with other investment products, mutual funds also carry risks. There is no guarantee of that. Unlike the case with savings or deposit products that are guaranteed risk by LPS. While the risks inherent in mutual funds are not guaranteed by LPS.

No Need to Manage It Yourself

Investors will not manage their mutual fund. Because this is the responsibility of the investment manager who is tasked to do that.

Can Be Purchased or Sold Online

Mutual funds can be bought and sold online or offline. Online, you can buy mutual funds through fintech or e-commerce, such as ipotfund, tokopedia, Bukalapak. Or, buy mutual funds directly at investment managers or through registered agents such as Mutual Fund Sales Agents (Aperd) and banks that have collaborated to sell mutual funds. Before investing, read the prospectus carefully and meet the necessary requirements so that the process can run smoothly.