No Need to Work Hard Here’s the Secret to Make Money While on Vacation

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Enjoying vacation time is always synonymous with fun activities. Especially if you come to various new destinations that you have never visited before.

Although it has many positive effects on your health and productivity, a vacation also requires a lot of funds.

During the holidays, you will leave work and be unproductive for a while. In fact, you will actually spend a lot of money for this trip.

Then, how about your financial condition after returning later? Financial condition is very likely to be disturbed after returning from vacation, especially if you don’t plan your vacation well from the start.

If you want your financial condition to be safe during and after a vacation, enjoying a productive vacation will certainly be the right decision. Even if you don’t do your daily routine, you can still make money during the holidays.

Rent your house for vacation

If you take a long vacation, the house will be empty without residents. Instead of being unemployed, it’s better to rent your house to someone else while enjoying a vacation. Rental rates can be daily, triple daily, or weekly. Like a homestay or apartment only.

For example, per day a rate of Rp 50,000 is charged. If multiplied by 2 weeks (14 days), then you can already pocket Rp700 thousand. Not bad right. Especially at this time many people, domestic tourists or foreign tourists who like to look for cheap lodging places, rather than hotels.

Just promote the matter of renting a home on social media or through an intermediary. But remember, as long as you rent out the house to someone else, never leave valuables. You can leave your valuables at your relative’s house that you truly trust.

Buy branded goods and resell

This will be an exciting activity for those who like shopping. Make sure you have more funds to buy branded or limited items at your vacation spot. For example abroad. Usually the prices of these items are cheaper in their home country.

Arriving in the country, you can resell these items at a higher price. The difference between buying and selling prices will be your profit. But keep in mind, before buying branded goods abroad, do some price research first. Then, sell it using social media or sell on e-commerce.

Receive deposit services (jastip)

This is a trendy business. Jastip alias services. Make the most of your vacation abroad by taking orders for goods from other people, friends, or relatives. For example goods that are not sold in the country.

You can tell about your vacation plans abroad or to domestic tourist destinations on your social media, like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Next record the list of items ordered one by one in detail.

While the payment system, can be through DP or 50% down payment and the rest when the goods have arrived in the country. Other options, pay directly before you leave. In this business, the principle is trust. So don’t let your customers down. Oh yes, make sure you understand the customs rules regarding aircraft passenger luggage.