Salary, Allowances, Membership Facility Wantimpres 2019-2024

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Quoted from, seen from the Republic of Indonesia Presidential Regulation Number 15 of 2007 concerning Financial Rights and Other Facilities of the Chair and members of the Presidential Advisory Board, the amount of salary received by the Wantimpres members every month is Rp 6 million.

Details of benefits received:

Honor allowance: Rp.3.3 million
Health benefits: Rp.2.2 million
Housing allowance: IDR 5 million
Pension replacement benefits: Rp1 million
So, every month the total income of the members of the wartimes is Rp. 17.5 million. Meanwhile, specifically the chairman of the wantimpres will get an additional chairman allowance of Rp1 million so that the total monthly income to be Wiranto can be Rp.18.5 million.

Not only that, in carrying out the duties of each member of the wantimpres will also be spoiled with a variety of state officials’ facilities, ranging from official vehicles, official travel facilities both at home and abroad.

What is Wantimpres?
It is possible that up to now many people are still unfamiliar when they hear the word wantimpres. Yes, wantimpres is an Indonesian non-structural government agency tasked with providing advice and consideration to the president.

The first time the presidential conference was formed in 2007 or precisely in Susilo Bambang Yudhoyonoo (SBY) served as President. It is important to know, this Presidential Conference is also a continuation of the Supreme Advisory Council which has been dissolved after the fourth amendment to the 1945 Constitution.

Duties, Rights and Obligations of the Wantimpres
Quoted from the official website of wantimpres, based on Law Number 19 of 2006, the Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres) is a government agency tasked with providing advice and consideration to the president as referred to in Article 16 of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia.

The following tasks wantimpres in detail:

Give advice and consideration to the president in exercising governmental power whether or not requested by the president.
Submission of advice and consideration can be done individually or as a unitary advice and consideration of all board members.
The Wantimpres carries out the advice and judgment functions related to the exercise of state government power. However, it is not permissible to provide information, statements and / or disseminate the contents of advice and consideration to any party.
Wantimpres can attend cabinet meetings as well as work visits and state visits.
Wantimpres can request information from relevant government agencies and other state agencies.
Each member of the wantimpres, may be assisted by one secretary whose duty is to provide input and / or study based on his expertise to the member of the wantimpres he assists. However, the secretary of the members of the wantimpres cannot act on behalf of and / or represent the wantimpres.