Services That Are Different From Coffee Shops Usually

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1. High-tech

In addition to carrying the concept of an eco-friendly forest, Fore Coffee also ensures that the services provided are futuristic that is practical and modern. This is evidenced by the standard operational outlets that use high-tech machines. Starting from the grinder machine, espresso machine, to other tools used to brew coffee all have western standards that are known to be sophisticated.

2. Applications on Smartphones

The process of ordering coffee at Fore Coffee can also be done via a smartphone application with the same name. The launch of the Fore Coffee application is considered as one of the innovations in the coffee brewing industry in Indonesia. So, coffee connoisseurs today not only have to come directly to the coffee shop to be able to brew their favorite drinks.

3. Attractive and Distinctive Interior Concepts

Although it can serve the delivery orders of consumers through the application, Fore Coffee still pays full attention to the design of its outlets. Evidenced by the interior concept that has a characteristic all-white color and indoor garden decoration. For those who have been to Fore Coffee outlets, you will immediately find the uniqueness of the outlets and know that that is the hallmark of the brand.

4. Environmentally Friendly Product Materials

Not only unique in design, but the product material used by Fore Coffee is also environmentally friendly. In harmony with its business concept, Forest, this coffee shop always strives to participate in preserving the condition of beautiful and green earth.

5. Using Quality Coffee Beans

Continue to coffee brewing products produced, Fore Coffee only uses selected and quality coffee beans that are spread in Indonesia. Focusing on Arabica coffee beans, coffee beans are taken directly from coffee suppliers in organic plantations.

Not only organic plantations, Fore Coffee also chose the practice of purchasing coffee beans directly and fair trade. That is, they can actively control the condition of the coffee beans received so as not to escape from the standards they have.

Therefore, since the selection of coffee beans, Fore Coffee has guaranteed that the quality of products received by consumers has high quality.

After going through a rigorous selection process, the selected coffee beans will be roasted to keep them fresh. The roasting process of coffee beans is done by a modern technology roasting machine by an experienced roaster.

Entering the outlet, the roasted coffee beans will be processed by trained baristas whose abilities are not to be doubted. That way, then Fore Coffee is able to satisfy every customer with a quality coffee drink that exceeds expectations.

6. Various Beverage Choices

Fore Coffee in fact also does not want to be stuck in one type of coffee product. Judging from the menu offered, they also offer drinks with a mixture of milk and syrup. So, the target market is not only for big coffee fans. However, it can also be for consumers who prefer drinks with a more lively and lighter taste on the tongue.

7. Collaboration with Disney

Want to explore the international market, Fore Coffee also recently formed a partnership with Disney. Through this collaboration, Fore Coffee peddles coffee brewers with glass-themed Disney character mascot, Mickey Mouse.

So, despite having looming high success, Fore Coffee still continues to try to increase the popularity of the brand so that it does not recede rivaled by the coffee beverage brands that continue to emerge.