The personality of Blood Type AB

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Of all blood types, people with this blood type are difficult to predict and tend to be mysterious or strange. They have the following personalities:

Difficult to predict his will
Easy to change his personality
Critical and Rational
Like to help others
The negative side of AB blood groups is that they are known to be indecisive and more sensitive than others. The nature of forgetfulness is also one of the bad things this blood type has.

Application of Blood Type in Japanese Life
Because it has been a culture in Japan for a long time, until now they are still implementing blood type relations with activities in their society. Example in the following point.

On ordinary television shows broadcast horoscopes about blood type accompanied by his personality
In comic films, animations, even video game characters are always included in their blood type
The Japanese employee recruitment system applies interview tests based on blood type as well as later placement
Classification of combat troops according to blood type during World War 2
The grouping of blood groups when children are taught in kindergarten by teachers by applying different learning methods for each blood type

Recent Research on the Relationship of Blood Types with Personality
Based on scientific articles published by PloS online on May 15, 2015, there was a statement that there was evidence of the relationship between blood type and disease. From the results of these studies found several diseases ranging from mild to severe such as heart, immune system, and even cancer.

In addition, blood groups according to their research also indicate the personality traits of each blood type such as depression or anxiety. From this there is a small possibility that there is a relationship between blood type and personality even though there is no official scientific research on it.

Get to know your personality early on
Although the relationship between each blood type and personality is not yet clear because there has been no official research from scientists other than in Japan, but recognizing and understanding your personality early on also needs to be done. So you can know which traits should be maintained and which traits should be improved slowly. That way, you can have a better personality.