Things You Need to Know About Vitamin B12

We say that if we lose the strength of the blood, we will say that the blood is weakened or we get sick. That’s why when we get sick, we do blood tests. I do not need to be specific about what happens when blood is lost. Vitamin B12 deficiency is the main cause of loss of energy in red blood cells. Can you imagine what’s happening now? Depression, heart palpitations, stress, depression, rapid breathing You have to face a number of unexpected symptoms at once. What scares you? The damage that one vitamin can do is not trivial. There is only one thing to do. Getting a little bit of vitamin B12, right? But we’re going to talk about the Vitamin B inside of the assassin.

cyanocobalamin is the name for the synthetic vitamin B12. You can find this word online. Vitamin B12 is one of the most important factors in maintaining your health. But do you really buy vitamin B12 from the pharmacy? Check the label on the bottle you buy to see if cyanocobalamin is indicated. The names of these countries should be included in this synthetic B12 supplement. I think the same is true in Sri Lanka. Look well wherever you are in the world. To see if there’s a cyano section here. That’s cyanide. Vitamin B12 is synthesized by synthesizing a cyanide analogue. Otherwise, the vitamins are just too hard to work with. I say this because I understand it.

Now, this cyanide is bad for the body. Poisonous So the liver does not allow this cyanatide to enter the bloodstream. Stop it. What’s happening now? This poison causes liver damage. The fat is coming to the affected area very quickly. Minimize the damage. But what if the damage continues? You run the risk of being fatty levers. There’s time for liver toxicity. It was about 11 pm to 2 am. If you are not asleep during this time, you will have to keep this cyanide in your liver for longer periods of time. Another twenty-four hours. The damage is now doubled. Did you take vitamin B12 to stay healthy, right? But what happens? Operate your knowledge and think. Check these out online.

Look at the difference in natural vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is a methylcobalamin cell. Its cyanide is replaced by a methyl group. It is very good for our bodies. There will be no disaster. Therefore, getting vitamin B12 from a natural medium is very important.

Let’s see what foods are rich in vitamin B12.

This vitamin is mostly found in meat. These are probably the most important for the production of blood. But let’s take a look at what vegetarian foods contain the most vitamin B 12.

  • Yogurt
  • Cow milk
  • Found milk
  • Cheese
  • Yeast

Meat – These foods contain mostly vitamin B12.

  • Pikudu
  • Muscat
  • Cool meat
  • Fish
  • Salmon
  • Girl fish
  • Egg Vitamin B12 can be deposited in our body muscles.

See why the supplements manufacturers cannot replace methyl groups with cyanide. If you did, this problem would not come up. The reason is very clear. That’s about a hundred times cheaper than cyanide methanol. In order to make more profit, you need to do less. Fatty liver can also make a cure. So it’s a very profitable business. Think of the rest yourself.

This is why natural supplements are slightly more expensive. But if you take the above foods properly, you will not have a vitamin B12 deficiency. But with the vegetarian trend now, this situation has gotten worse.

People who work at midnight, who use artificial supplements and painkillers should care about their liver condition. Also, vegetarians have to look for a natural supplement that contains Vitamin B12, if they have abnormal tiredness, stiffness, forgetfulness, and depression.

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