Want to Keep Your Money Safe? Save the Next Way!

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Many people choose to save their money in a bank for safer reasons. Not only safe from thieves, but also safe from the ‘naughty hands’ of the owner in spending money. Unfortunately, saving money in a bank is not free. There are administrative costs to pay, and these fees will automatically deduct the balance in the savings account.

For someone who is not willing to have their savings cut every month, that person chooses to keep their money at home. Are you included in this typical person? If so, there’s no need to be embarrassed. Because saving money at home is no less safe than at a bank.

How to Save Money For Safer

1. Store in a safe

Safe is in first place. This square or square shaped storage box is considered quite safe because it is equipped with a password. Anyone can not take what is in it if you do not know the password from the safe.

In addition to passwords, some safes are also made of material that is sturdy enough or sturdy so the safe is not easily destroyed. If you want to keep all your belongings in a safe, you should choose a strong material.

Keep the safe in a safe place, like a cupboard, so it is not easy to be tracked by bad people out there. Also take care of password security so that the safe is not easily broken into.

2. Between Stacks of Clothes in the Wardrobe

Do you still save money today between stacks of clothes? Of course there are still, yes! Although this method seems old-fashioned or very traditional, but it can be said to be safe enough to save a few bills.

This is because only some people are aware or thinking of tracking down someone’s wardrobe when stealing. Although relatively safe, but the amount of money that can be stored in between clothes is very limited.

If there are too many, the pile of fabric will look different from the other pile. This will arouse suspicion when someone else opens your closet.

3. Put it under the bed

Just like method number 2 above, this method also includes conservative. And one more, this method is a little inconvenient because you have to lift the bed when you want to take money. So, this method is not suitable for those who need money in the near future. But if you really want to save money, this method is very suitable practice.

Store on the safest bed side. Try not to let anyone know about this storage area. If other people find out, your money can disappear in the blink of an eye.

4. Save as Gold

Saving cash is very practical, but it is very risky for the economy. If there is massive inflation, the exchange rate will be even lower. To minimize this risk, can spend most of the money to buy gold.

Gold is one investment instrument that is immune to the inflation rate. Even if there is inflation, the selling value of gold will actually increase. So that the total profit that can be obtained is very large when selling the gold.

However, the gold used as an investment should be in the form of gold bars instead of gold jewelry. When gold jewelry is sold, you must bear the cost of making gold by 15% -20% of the selling price of gold.