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What is Kangen Water?

I am writing this article because I believe that it is worth knowing even if what we are getting from modern technology is not used.

Many people these days talk about the Kangan water machine, a Japanese product, and its virtues. I am trying to explain to you the reality of this topic as I know it.

Before we look at the evidence of life on a planet, we search for the water on the planet. Otherwise, there is no life on the planet. So instead of wasting money on unnecessary money, agencies like NASA are working to find water.

Why do we have so much water? Sri Lanka has not faced water issues. Water is coming to many houses in Sri Lanka. I remember when we were in school, we used to touch a pipe on the road and drink water. So what’s the problem? I hope that this article will help you to resolve the issue.

In the past, we drank well water or fountain water. But with urbanization, we lost ground. In ten perches, toilets and wells were not able to be cut. As a result, governments have taken steps to provide pipe-borne water to a large area. There is plenty of space on the ground today but no wells are used. Because they’ve got piped water. So what is the well water?

Large tanks that supply tap water are pumped from rivers. This water is not suitable for drinking. The water is contaminated with pesticides, plant chemicals, and bacteria. So what to do. It must be cleaned. The problem arises in the process of cleansing. Let’s find out.

Chlorine is used to clean water. Chlorine is a chemical that can kill any bacteria or other microorganisms very quickly. Moreover, chlorine can remove the color of the water. Have you seen how the Swimming Pool is cleaned? Chlorine is first sprayed into the pool at night. When you look at the pool, all the debris that is in the tank, the algae and all the other garbage is dumped in the pool. These will get a vacuum cleaner out of the way. Some may do this in two hours. Anyway, we’ll see a beautiful pool of blue the next day. Our children are going to bathe the next day in chlorine grate.

Similarly, drinking water is purified with chlorine. Somehow, water is essential to us, so we drink tap water. Now there is no bacterium in this water. No poison. So one could argue that it is good. Let us consider that too.

Chlorine is a free radical. Free radicals make the media positive. The particles of a positively charged medium come together. This means that the water in the pipe is larger than the water we drink from a well. We cannot see with the naked eye the particles of these particles. Not only that, but these chlorine also removes the minerals in the water. It’s another scandal. But there’s nothing we can do to drink what we have, right?

Have you ever drunk water in a forest? Don’t you think you can drink that water much? Don’t you find that water drinking is easy on the body? What’s the difference? Due to the natural ecosystem inside the forest, the water is fed by minerals. They are fractional. Also negatively charged. Because they aren’t free radicals. As a result, water bodies are very small. Because of that, it is easy to melt. Water with chlorine is not put into a fish tank because it is difficult to dissolve oxygen when chlorine is present. Examine these with your intelligence. Then you will realize many things.

Now we talked about how chlorine can damage water properties and the size of water molecules.

Let us see how this situation affects us. When we drink this water, these free radicals combine with our blood. This causes the blood cells to oxidize. This oxidation causes the blood cells to unite. Then the blood solidifies. This is just one downside. You can now lead your own research on the causes of these diseases. Heart Attack, Stroke, High Blood Pressure. At least these three can be imagined, right? Other diseases aside. Just imagine that our tap water is the cause of at least three of these diseases.

But all of us can argue that this is not the case. the truth. If you take antioxidants with food to the extent that you can neutralize the amount of chlorine in the water we drink on a daily basis, this problem can be alleviated to some extent. We also have to take supplemental minerals that were naturally present in the water. It was a loss for us too. If we had a well in the garden, how much would we have benefited?

Something must be said about thirst. Thirst is one of the ways that our body can become dehydrated. We are also thirsty to know we need a mineral. But it is a misconception to be hungry. When you are hungry, try a bottle of clean water with a clean well. Whether hunger is not quenched. When you get the minerals from the water, you lose you’re hungry. You may have tried these things in your life. This paves the way for obesity. Think what I’m saying is wrong.

  • If we dehydrate 10% of our body, we get sick.
  • 20% of Dehydration can cause death.

When 2% of your brain is dehydrated, you are unable to think, think, or reflect. There are people I know who advise their children not to drink too much water when they go to the exam because they need to urinate. What a scandal. If a child has not learned a year and is not able to read it, how can he write? Give the child a bottle of water. Say it when you study, study, or drink. It is very important.

Now that we are thirsty, let us focus our attention on something else we do. It’s a good idea to have a carbonated beverage in the shop to quench your thirst. So no problem, right? It’s in the water. But that is not the problem. Drinking carbonated foods makes our body acidic. An acidic medium does not suit our body. The pH of a solution is measured by measuring the pH. pH is the potential of hydrogen. pH 7 is the water we drink.

If the pH value is below 7, it is acidic. If the pH is above 7 it is fractional. This value ranges from 1-14. There is a method of measuring the pH of a solution by changing the color of a chemical to a pH. We call that chemical a pH test liquid. Once a few drops of the pH test liquid are injected into the solution, we can see the color change. The pH can be calculated according to the numbers in the chart below.

If we drop a few drops of the pH test liquid on the carbonated ground, we come to an orange color. Also, if we drop a few drops of pH test liquid into 9.0 pH water, we come across a dark blue. We put a carbonated drink bottle into a large jar and added a few drops of pH test liquid to it. Putting 10 does not alter the color. When you put 30 bottles, the color turns green. This means that if we drink a carbonated floor bottle, we should drink 30 bottles of 9.0 pH water to lose acidity.

The pH of the blood is about 7.38. If this is reduced to 7.2, it may lead to coma or even death. As a result, we have a mechanism to maintain the blood pH of our body at 7.38. It works to regulate the potassium level in the blood. It is something done by nature, something that no outsider can ever do.

The other thing is that the water should be free of negative ions. Chlorine, as we mentioned above, loses its negative charge. And water is positively charged. I don’t have to say what’s happening now.

Identify the thirst. Identify the fire. Hunger is not a fire that feels empty when it is empty. It is a pain when you have a nutritional deficiency. Just like a headache. When there are fewer types of minerals, the pressure in the arteries increases (Ca, Mg, Zn, Cu, – prostaglandins). Then the sensory neurons outside the arteries are stimulated. That’s why headaches come. But what we do is take a painkiller instead of nutrition to alleviate the pain. The same goes for the hungry. Food is not what our body asks for but it is filled with food. Not stuffed with good stuff. Finally, you get a lot of medicine.

This is why Japanese scientists can produce negatively charged water instead of positively charged water, Micro clusters, instead of large molecules of water, can produce smaller water molecules, Alchemy can be changed the way we want it. They have made a machine capable of producing water with very high antioxidant quality. It’s a bit too expensive.

Kangan Water is an invention made by Japan. I didn’t believe that much. But with the knowledge of a friend of mine, I started looking into this more. The Supplement Company is against this machine. I also work for the Supplement Company. They reject this machine. I looked into the cause.

If we buy supplements for antioxidants, we need to pay at least $ 100 a month for that. If there are 5 people in the house, you have to pay $ 500. The house will cost $ 6,000 in a year’s time. Supplint can buy a Kangan water machine at two-thirds of the cost of $ 6,000 a year. This machine can keep your neighbors healthy. You can keep your relatives healthy. You can also make it a source of income.

The Kangan Water pH 9.0 glass contains three times as many antioxidants in a glass of green tea. That is about 9000 ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) points. We need to drink at least ten green Tea day to get the amount of antioxidants we need. But we don’t drink that much. We’re going to a supplement. Because it’s easy. The unknown is waiting for the sick. Once you get sick, you need to take large amounts of antioxidants to get rid of it.

This water is especially useful for those who are taking medication for a particular disease. These machines are available in many parts of Sri Lanka but they are not supplied to external people. The reason is that they bought these machines for the benefit of their families. However, a few charge a small fee for the water.

Kangan water, which has a pH above 7.0, does not drink in the stomach and near a meal. Drink this water an hour before eating. This is because stomach acid needs to be maintained to digest food. Drinking water at the same time is available at the same machine, pH 7.0. It facilitates the digestion of food and makes it more readily absorbed. People with gastritis and bacterial problems can drink half a glass of pH of 2.5 water before eating. It causes gastritis.

Once you stop dehydrating your body cells, your body will start to look healthy. I see Kangan Water as the best solution for me.

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